Islamic International School & College, Gulshan

Our Mission

Aim of the Institution

The principal objective of our institution is to promote ideal education. However, this is only a part of a wider aim. The institution will be a rising sun so as to show the right path to the persons connected with educational institutions of the country. Through this institution we like to present the nation very good quality citizens. Our ultimate aim is to work to please Allah (SWT) by producing our future generations who will run the country with high standard of quality and morality.


Our objectives are:

  •  To impart necessary moral training to the students for making them true Muslims.
  •  To conduct educational activities which are suitable for modern scientific and technological advancement.
  •  To conduct an effective training for the students that will not only make them theoretically advanced; side by side they will learn how to apply their knowledge practically as and when necessary.
  •  To train the students in such a way that they will be able to cope up with the international standard, and will be able to adjust with any institution abroad.