Islamic International School & College, Gulshan


Our homeland Bangladesh is on the highway of development. Intellectually superior citizens are essential to continue the process. Simultaneously we need to participate in the competitions prevailing in the global context.

Moral values in the character of growing people for this purpose should be considered with a special emphasis. We have a class of people who are dominating in the country, but many of them don’t possess the right strength of character. Those having it do lack in necessary qualities for this era of scientific and technological advancement. An education system of exceptional nature is necessary for this purpose.

Keeping this as the background, Islamic International School and College started its academic activities on 1st January 2000 C.E. with a vision of making its students worthy citizens side by side true Muslims.

This institution is contributing to the development of the country educating its students following the international curricula under Edexcel. A team of visionary teachers work with a missionary zeal dedicating their utmost efforts for the cause of upliftment of human children to the peak of dignity. Preparing the students physically, emotionally and morally sound and objective oriented it has got recognition in the society as a reputed English medium school.

The students receive Edexcel awards and the Daily Star awards for their appreciable results in every session. The students can claim to be competent as future nation builders through their effective performances in different areas of knowledge and skills. In some universities of international standard, they prove confidently that they are going ahead to compete to face the modern big challenges for the optimum development in all respect, not only for our nation but also for total humanity keeping in our policy the stanza

“Little moments make an hour,
Little thoughts a book.
Little seeds a tree or flower
Little drops a brook.”

The teachers and employees work sincerely under the guidance of highly qualified members of the managing committee giving the highest value of time.

“Time = Life” is our philosophy. So, the students are guided to achieve the highest dignity through the perfect use of their talent without leaving any moment idle. We believe that our system is a suitable to train our children in such a way that they will earn necessary expertise for being worthy citizens for this country of this era of scientific and technological advancement.