Islamic International School & College, Gulshan

Academic Affairs


We like to make a challenging venture for preparing true patriots, efficient manpower and true Muslims who will be able to shoulder the responsibility for the future leadership of the country. For this challenging job a student is to be trained rigorously from very childhood. A very carefully made syllabus/curriculum will be needed for imparting such education for the future leadership in all spheres of the social life. Our syllabus/curriculum has been made after consulting amply with those of some other Islamic organizations in the country and abroad.

Academic Standard & the Programmes

Attainment of the highest academic standard is our goal. This is ensured by a high standard of teaching followed by routine daily homework assignments given to the students. To monitor progress, students are regularly assessed. They are taught to utilize their time maximum through such activities.

  •  Programmes for Play Group to KG II: The programmes for Play Group to KG II enumerate some basic aspects. At this stage a caring, safe and stimulating educational environment is provided to the child. Side by side, opportunities to learn in a variety of formal and informal context are also arranged. The development of self-confidence, independence and curiosity is catered in the programmes arranged for the child. He is also made enthusiastic for learning.
  •  Programmes for Std. I to Std. IV: At this stage the growth of the developing child is considered. The social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of the individual as well as intellectual needs are addressed for the purpose. The student is provided a relevant and challenging academic curriculum. He is taught how to learn. His belief for the religion is fostered at this stage.
  •  Programmes for Std. V to Std. VIII: Students’ high academic achievement is fostered at this stage through the study of subjects of a broad range of discipline. Effective study skills and strong communications skills are grown, together with developing an awareness of the media and competence information technology. The student’s religious practice is ensured from this stage.
  •  Programmes for Std. IX to Std. XII: This is the time of preparing students for their IGCSE and A level examinations. Students are taught details writing at this stage. Their leadership qualities are looked upon and arrangements are made for fostering these qualities.
Moral Teaching

Moral teaching is treated as a vital part of the curriculum of the institution. This is ensured firstly through giving theoretical teaching and then subsequently by practical application during the period of stay in the college. Students mind is prepared for a high level of morale through teaching life stories of great men. Strict rules and regulations are maintained inside the campus. The institution considers it a serious matter for any case of breach of law and order by any student.

Academic Year & School Hour

The academic year of the institution is counted from July to June of each session. Classes continue from 0730 hrs to 1330 hrs in summer and 0800 hrs to 1400 hrs in winter. For the junior section (Play Group to KG II), however, classes continue 4 hrs every working day.

Optional After & School Programme

Optional after-school programme is available for the students of the college. This is conducted by our own teachers as well as guest lecturers. Students may join these programmes by making due payment for the programme.

The Teaching Staff

IISC needs teachers who are efficient in their profession and at the same time be true Muslims having Islamic character to stand before the students as examples. The college fulfils these requirements through imparting intensive training to the potential teachers of the institution. Some of our teachers are well experienced; and others are trained sufficiently to cover up their inexperience. Besides training on subjects, the teachers are trained on method of instruction and such other applied topics of instruction.

The teaching staffs of Islamic International School and College is an excellent team possessing high academic standard and is highly motivated for rendering the best possible service to the students. Each member of the team is highly committed for the purpose. They feel missionary zeal in the work rather than considering it a service.

Testing & Evaluation

Semester system of courses is applied for testing and evaluation of students’ performance. In addition to the normal routine examination, spot tests are arranged for higher classes. The passing grade for the school level is 50%. Students’ overall performance is evaluated on the basis of the academic tests (both written and oral), performance shown in the extra – curricular activities and their moral development. Each of these factors has its own assigned weightage.