Islamic International School & College, Gulshan


Transport Facility

Transport facility for the students is provided in a limited scale.

Recreation Facilities

Some recreational facilities have been arranged inside the campus for the students to make the school attractive to them. These facilities are planned to keep the students’ mind away from other hazardous attraction responsible for the ongoing moral degradation of the young generation in the country. Decent audio-visual arrangements are worth mentioning in this respect.

All - Round Development of Students Talent

Islamic International School and College cares for all-round development of a student. Developing other faculties of the mind of a student by providing him decent facilities apart from the academic ones ensures this. In this regard, sports and games competition, speech competition, quiz competition, debate competition, art, science fair, publication of magazine etc. may be mentioned. These are arranged for advancement of the students.

Computer & Other Modern Equipment

We have a promise to train our students so that they are properly trained to cope up with the Twenty-First century

Computer training is imparted from Std III. Students mind is made imaginative of the modern scientific advancement.

Games & Sports

Some scope is provided to the students for participating in games and sports within a limited scale. Annual sports are arranged for the students. Such activity is planned for healthy physical growth of the students, side by side, making them socially alert.

Medical Facilities

The institution has catered for urgent medical facility to the students. In case a situation arises, students are transferred from the campus to a nearby clinic. For a minor problem first aid facility is provided inside the campus.

Tripartitie Meetings

Regular combined meetings are arranged with the committee members, teachers and guardians of the students. In these meetings, problems and prospects concerning students’ achievements are discussed. Exchange of ideas in such meetings do play a vital role in the process of instruction and also in the achievements of the students.

Our Promise

Islamic International School and College is the product of a serious concern about the country’s educational institutions. We need seriously such institutions that can make efficient citizens of the society, at the same time making them good Muslims.

Our mission is to bridge up this gap. We declare our mission as one to present a suitable system of training our children for making them worthy citizens of this era of scientific and technological advancement.